FireShare Macintosh Electronic Mail Fileserver

FireShare was a set of Applescripts that allowed you to serve files via electronic mail using MailShare back in the nineties. Other people send e-mail to specific addresses on your computer, and FireShare responded with the requested information.

When I wrote FireShare, it was the only application that could do such things. Nowadays there are at least two free, and better, mailing list and fileservers (at the time I wrote this, the ones I meant were AutoShare and Macjordomo). If you would like to see the Applescript source for FireShare, however, drop me a line.

If you are still using Apple Internet Mail Server, née MailShare, and now called Eudora Internet Mail Server, you might find my Using MailShare: How to Queue Files up for AIMS of interest.

Believe it or not, auto-reply services that came back with huge files and even software packages were quite common. You don’t see them too much any more, because they were too easily abused to flood someone’s mailbox.