Negative Space Collection

Latest Release: Download Stuffit Archive (158.7 KB) 1.0.8, Wednesday, April 4, 2001

The Negative Space Collection is a collection of site maintenance software that make your Macintosh web site easier on your reader and on yourself. This is the same software I (used to) use on Negative Space.

The Negative Space Collection is freeware. Since I don’t run my main web site from a Macintosh any longer, these are no longer updated as often as I’d like. (It wasn’t a matter of not wanting to run the web site off of a Mac, it was a matter of not wanting to give up the Mac on my desktop in order to “co-host” and increase the bandwidth).

ASCII Finder takes characters and returns the decimal or hexadecimal code—useful when you can’t remember the hex code for the ampersand, for instance. If only one character is in the clipboard (and Jon’s Commands are installed), the code for that will be returned. Otherwise, you’ll be asked for the character(s) you want codes for. Hold down the option key (if you have Jon’s Commands installed) if you want the decimal rather than the hexadecimal form of the character(s).