Beneath the Isle of Dread: Level 4

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The crooked lines are crevices from the earthquake, only about 1ft wide or less. Doors and tables, unless otherwise noted, will take about 2-5 turns for 3-4 people to clear. The caverns slant downward at a rate of about 1ft/4ft, except in rooms. It also slowly gets cooler and less humid, so that by the end of the stairs it is comfortable.

1) In this room are skeletons of fish-like creatures (2 large Kopru and many smaller fish).

2) The pool in here is dark, smelly, putrid—and poisonous. It is about 3ft deep in the center.

3) A green slime (HD2, hp 12, at1, save F1, N, magic weapon required) resides on the ceiling and will drop on persons coming in here.

4) The ROCK in this room separates, as a wall, the two sides. There are a few more fish-type skeletons here (1 Kopru).

a. These rocks completely cover the entrance to the ruins. It will take 3-6 turns to clear.

b. This water is like that of room 2, but 5ft deep in center.

5) This room has actually been caved in completely. If excavated, this will be found, all smashed: sofa, chair, table, glasses, cabinet (around which are: 5pp, 20gp, 30sp, 200gp emerald now 25gp)

6) Under the rubble (part can be seen) is a human skeleton. In the desk are parchments—what used to be records. The desk is falling apart. There are 4 more skeletons here, 2 wearing chain mail, no good. 4sp is by one, and a wand of fire balls (1c). The west door is locked. It may be forced on a roll of 1 in 6 by str16, 2 in 6 by str17, 4 in 6 by str18, pushed as hard as possible. If the roll isn’t made, the person must save vs. Death Ray or fall unconscious for 1-4 rounds. The same is true for the east door.

7) This room was at one time used for records. There are wooden (cheap, rotting) cabinets, and scraps of paper, rotted parchment, unreadable, lying around. There is also a skeleton in the E-W hallway.

8) This is the same as room 7, but filled with rubble, no skeleton.

9) Rubble is also filling this room. Smashed things: 4 beds (in extreme N,S), 2 cabinets (in first N,S): gold ring (25gp), glass, silverware (ruined, scrapped might bring 10gp for the 40 pieces). The east is the kitchen area, and is not covered: cooking utensils, knives, iron ware, kettles, etc.

  1. Magic items
  2. Beneath the Isle of Dread
  3. Level 5