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Floro Dery

Floro Dery is looking to collaborate as Inker, Penciler.

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Aside from doing paintings in his spare time, Floro Dery works as a character and layout designer and storyboard artist in many animation studios in Los Angeles. Two of his numerous older works were The Pirates of Dark Water and Wildfire. He did the storyboard, and the conceptual and production designs of the characters and layouts for Dark Water. And he did the character and layout designs for Wildfire. He was the original concept designer of the characters and layouts of The Transformers, The Movie, and the toys associated with it. He worked as a storyboard artist in the theatrical features The King and I, Revelation, and The Trumpet of the Swan. Also, on the direct to videos features The Swan Princess, Scarecrow, The Little Mermaid, The Halloween Tree, and Jataka Tales. In addition, he worked on the television series Alladin, Bonkers, Goof Troop, Spider-Man, etc. He is also an illustrator who illustrated the syndicated Sunday Spider-Man in the newspapers from 1982 to 1992.

Entered on 7/26/2001; last changed on 7/27/2001

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