A coup d’etat in a pitiful third world country

“Imagine a party that creates ballots, and then decides that those ballots are a reason to revote when their candidate loses.”

With elderly flocking to Florida more,
“A new ballot is needed!” cried Theresa LePore.
“The old one’s too tiny, too old, hard to read.
We’ll make one with large text that’s easy to see.”

So Theresa LePore, a staunch Democrat,
Made up a new ballot, two pages, flat.
She showed it to Democrats all over the state,
Who, if they said anything, said “sure hon, looks great.”

But elsewhere in Palm Beach, Democrat voices
Assisted Democrat voters in making their choices
“Vote on every page,” said the Democrat aids
“Don’t read the instructions, just do as we say.”

So Democrat voters, of every age,
Voted two times for president—once for each page.
Their votes were thrown out, no intent there to find,
Not even by canvassing boards that read minds.

The lesson they learned, we should all learn by rote:
Don’t let anyone else tell you how to vote.
Read the instructions on election day,
No matter who says you should vote “just this way.”