Black Man as a Cash Crop

alt.society.liberalism 12/28/1997,

What is America’s largest cash crop? Well, some might say: Wheat or corn or marijuana or something like that. However, the largest cash crop in America is Black-Americans. The growing of Black-Americans for profit is one of the great business success stories in world history.

All cash crops are designed to produce a profit by providing a consumer with a product that he will pay the grower to produce. In America, White-American-farmers have raised Black-American-growing into an art form. A well-grown Black-American is a sure criminal.

Black-American-growing is very easy as crops go. All that is required to raise Black-Americans is some land that can be turned into a rat, roach, and disease infested slum (AKA inner city.)

To help insure that Black-Americans grow quickly into a criminal crop the farmers of Black-Americans created a special type of Fertilizer called WELFARE, which gives enough nutrients and other growth aids to produce record criminal crops each year. However, the real secret to the success of Black-American-growing is a special ingredient that all Black-American-growers use: DRUGS.

Drugs, especially cocaine, heroin, crack-cocaine, and other such additives are the key to insuring that the crop will grow to its full criminal potential.

When the Black-American has developed to a certain size the final growing process is implemented to give the crop its potency: This process is a collection of crop-enhancers, such as little or no education; no jobs or dead-end jobs; and a constant reinforcement of the principle that Black-Americans are inferior, as crops go.

Now, who benefits from this cash crop? It’s the entire criminal-justice system (CJS). Together this collection of police, lawyers, judges, jails, prisons, federal agencies, Democrats, Republicans, social workers, and many others who make up or support the CJS represent millions of Americans and hundreds of billions of dollars a year in income as they address America’s Black criminal problem. The monies spent to grow, arrest, prosecute, and jail Black-Americans is greater than the budget for any other governmental agency, including our combined defense budget. The profits from Black-American-growing makes the total profits from the Fortune 500 companies look like chump-change.

If Drugs were made legal tomorrow, the resulting reduction in the crime rate would throw America into a major depression as millions of people associated with Black-American inprisonment would be out of work. If you think the downsizing of our military-industrial complex took a hit when communism was no longer a major threat - just imagine what would happen should crime no longer be a problem.

As Black-Americans are essential for crime the crop will be maintained in its current format. The drugs will remain ILLEGAL. This is very important, since the drugs with Welfare are the main ingredients for a good healthy Black-American crop.

As some Black-American-growers recently commented. “You can’t just let Black-Americans grow by themselves. If left to their own devices they quickly overtake and become dominant in whatever field they are planted. Heck, just look at sports. Use to be all white, then they planted a few Black-Americans - now Black-Americans dominate most major sports. Whatever those Black-Americans try to do they always excel at and that is bad news for White Americans. So proper growing of Black-Americans is essential for a healthy, prosperous White America.”

To help insure that Black-Americans will continue to be America’s cash crop of choice, Drug lords the world over give hundreds of millions of dollars each year to Republican and Democratic political leaders and thousands upon thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement types to make sure that they continue to fight on behalf of the American Black-American-growers by attacking drug legalization as a threat to America, when In reality it is only a threat to the financial well-being of them and their fellow Black-American-growers and supporters of the CJS.

And finally, our government in Washington will do all it can to continue to create, fund, and promote Welfare, substandard housing, low-paying, dead-end jobs, inferior public education, the war-on-drugs, and anything else they can do to help keep the Black-American-crop growing so millions of White Americans can reap the benefits it provides for them.