Dave Law’s Creative Markets Listing

Dave A. Law, September 6, 1995

A.O.K. Publishing
(PO Box 346, Croton, NY 10520, Attn: Submissions)
e-mail: (Jake Jacobs, 74747.3442@CompuServe.COM)
Publishes adult comics, not really looking but would consider looking at any appropriate samples should work arise. (More opportunities for artists than writers).
Ben is Dead Magazine
(PO Box 3166, Hollywood, CA 90028).
Los Angeles based zine (16000 readers) which covers music but mostly deals with weird culture and obsessive behavior, is putting out a comic issue at the end of this year. They are looking for “new and unused art, articles and interviews for possible inclusion.”
Deadline: Sooner the better. Latest by October 31st, 1995.
Caffeine Interactive
They are currently starting up a CD-Rom / WWW Magazine that will be appearing in stores and on the internet between September and December. This magazine is to showcase artists from all walks of life. “If you are a Musician, Artist, Poet, Writer, Movie Maker, or Animator and are seeking exposure I would like to be your outlet.” All submissions will not be returned. The artists who are used will receive a complementary issue of the CD-ROM.
(2-950 St. Charles St., Victoria B.C., V8S 3P6, Attention: Damon Langlois)
Submitting: Cipher has two entities, a B&W printed book and the web page. B&W Images up to 72 DPI, (or full color for web pages). On-line Image will be 72 DPI so expect some image degradation.Page size: Up to 6 3/4" X 10" min 1/2" border. “Stories longer than 5 pages will be broken into parts due to space limitations.”
Important: don’t send money until we have confirmed your inclusion.
On-Line: The costs to produce the web page are shared by the submitting artists. It’s $5 a page.
Printed Magazine: Submitting to the magazine automatically submits you to the web page as well. The costs to produce the book are also shared by the submitting artists. $30 for up to 3 pages and $5 for every extra page (with no extra cost for the web page inclusion). We mail you two free copies of the cipher your story is in.
Cyclone Studios
(3515 Edison Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025,ATTN: Evan Margolin)
e-mail: cyclonestu@aol.com
Cyclone Studios is a high-energy video game developer and computer animation/special effects company based in Menlo Park (a stone’s throw away from 3DO, Sega, and Sony). “We are intrested in producing a 5-10 page comic book. So… we’re looking for information, resumes, and demos tapes from comic book companies, producers, artisits, etc.”
Death Scrolls Zine
(c/o Josh Sutter, 208 Dogwood Drive Cary, NC 27511)
e-mail: faust@f195.n151.z1.fidonet.org
Death Scrolls Zine needs someone to write a 4 page comic that would fit good with a Black Metal fanzine. Fantasy/Gothic horror related, something that would be a continuing thing for every issue. Fantasy, mythological, satanic, gothic horror prefered.
Global Graphics

(P.O. Box 822 Mountain View, CA 94042-0822)
e-mail: FloodZone@globalgraphics.com
FloodZone, a newspaper-style zine with an internet location, is dedicated to providing cartoonists that are not represented by the Syndicates and Sunday Funnies. They are currently looking for submissions for their weekly on-line and monthly paper editions. In addition has the other following zines looking for submissions: They are looking for poetry, prose, b&w artwork, satire, comic strips, or general humour.

  • Poop God—irreverent, satirical shit about politics, society, life in general
  • Utterants…—a literary/arts quarterly that has only one criteria—excellence
  • Kaleidoscope Chameleon—a surrealists, dadaists, beat, minimalist, post-modernist wet dream

They prefer copies sent by mail, but will accept ones on-line. Paid in copies, all rights kept by author except for one-time serial rights.

Infinity Comics
(8728 Gunpowder Court, Indianapolis, IN 46256.
Attention: Kristofer Zimmer)
e-mail: PDoe446426@aol.com
Infinity Comics is an up-and-coming comic publishing company that will be based in Minneapolis, MN. Right now, the company is looking to hire artists and writers to get the company off it’s feet. What they are looking for is this: “If you have any ideas that you think will fly with the company, write out a short summary of the book. characters, plot lines, etc, trying to keep within 3-5 pages. (Feel free to send as many submissions as you like). Please include your name, address, and phone number.”
JD rOm,inc
(831 19th Street, Altoona, Pa. 16601-2002: (814) 941-7605)
e-mail: JDrOminc@aol.com
“We publish exclusively in digital format and distribute via CD rOm. Our company was started five years ago and was one of the original appointed distributors of United States Supreme Court decisions under Project Hermes. We expect no more than a two page outline explaining your submission. The usual stuff you would send to a paper publisher, with the provisio that you can of courseinclude actual or describe any multi-media elements. Multiple submissions are allowed. We then review it with our projct leaders and can discuss renumeration/royalties if your project is accepted. Yes, we will accept e-mail submissions and yes we would be interested in a comic book.”
Maelstrom Comics
(525 K East Market Street, Suite 306, Leesburg, VA 22075, Attn: Submission Editor)
Maelstrom Comics, a comic self-publisher, seeks talented people to work on its upcoming line of comic titles. We are looking for writers, editors, pencil artists, inkers, colorists and letterers who want to create quality comics.
For Writers: All story proposals must be five pages or fewer. New project proposals must include an outline of the series, a brief description of the characters, the plot for future issues, and the estimated number of issues in the project—no more than six issues. Please include any artwork created for the project.
For Pencillers, Inkers, Letterers, And Colorists: Art must be in either 8.5 by 11 inch or 11 by 17 inch formats. Include at least one multiple-panel story page and one splash page for consideration. Please send a maximum of four pages only. Inkers must enclose a penciled copy of their inked work. Colorists and painters must enclose printed samples of their work. Color photocopies or 3 by 5 inch prints are fine. Letterers must send samples of comic book style lettering only. This must include samples of dialogue, italic, bold and sound effects.
Tragic Comics
(10A Exmouth Street, St. John’s NF A1B 2E2, Canada:
Attention: Jamie Bailey)
e-mail: jbailey@nfpower.nf.ca
They are looking for primarily artist (but writers can submit to), for a new comics imprint. The publisher is considering putting out super hero type titles based all in one universe and having all “powered” character having mental based powers.
Revolution Studios
(1507 East 34th Street Brooklyn NY 11234, Attn Jeffrey Neary)
e-mail: RCJN@aol.com
“We are basically looking for the standardized submissions guidelines such as one page plots and three pages of full scripts for writers. Four to eight sequential pages for artists. If you have published work please send a copy to I would like to see a resume if you have one.”
Visual Assault Comics Press
(2402 Bronx Park East, 1st Fl., Bronx, New York 10467, Attn: Submissions Editor)
They are looking for talents of all sorts. They are not looking for creator-owned projects but rather talent for their projects, (ie work-for-hire). Writers should submit either published comic work or 5 page sample script.
Artists should include 4-6 pages of sequential comic book pages.