Unfinished Cycle


The meal was good.
  I liked the strawberries
     with whipped cream
       that melted in our mouths.

  And the beef—sliced just right!
     Its aroma faintly coloring the room
        like home.
  Baked potatoes.
     Hot.  The butter melted and ran
         through the cracks and crevasses of the
                open vegetable.
  Salad, croutons, and french dressing topped it off well,
  and light bread rolls crumbled as we placed them
          in our mouths.
  The meal was good.
      The night—exquisite.

It wasn’t that we did much.  We didn’t.
   We barely got past talking about
      everybody we used to know.
   Then a sitcom, that wasn’t very good.
   And then you had to leave.
       and since it was your apartment, so did I.

I went first, fortunately.
   You had to change, so we said goodbye
        maybe just a little awkwardly.
   I walked down the stairs
        down, five floors all the
            way to the first.
   No exit.  Go left.  Go right.
       No exit.
   Before I lost myself further, I retraced
   my steps all the way back to you.
          You showed me the way
            and I left in the night
           glad I had been invited.


Freebosh kebin
    dornal trad farn
  tebbie doe

lef kal sin can go


   What was I thinking of?
     I can’t do this.
    In 2 weeks we’ll be gone.
        Is it worth it?
walking aimlessly
      God, i do not understand.
past streets and people
      what was SHE thinking of?
onto grass, behind buildings
      We need ESP to know everything we need to know.
a small copse of trees, splotches of sunlight.
      what if—?
a fence.  dead end.  turn around
      Oh, what the hell.

Abstract (A Love Poem)

Sunlight reflects in her eyes
Rolling down her hair
swirling about her smile
and highlighting the curves of her body
what else need be said?