Leering pumpkins

FrequencyVery Rare
Activity CycleMidnight.
DietNone (Souls)
AlignmentChaotic Evil
No. Appearing1
Armor Class10
Movement0, although it can turn and levitate
Hit Dice2+3
No. of Attacks1
Special Attacksfire
Special DefensesSaves as 4 HD
Magic ResistanceStandard
SizeS (18 to 24 inches)
XP Value650

On Hallowe’en, pumpkins are placed outside of the home to absorb evil spirits.

The Leering Pumpkin is a pumpkin that has been possessed by a powerful evil spirit. The Pumpkin can teleport from its home plane and back once per year, plus on Hallowe’en. It can also project its image once per night, starting a week before it will teleport, to prepare its victim(s). Projected Pumpkins can ‘charm’ once per night, although the victim has a bonus of three to the roll.

Anyone seeing a Leering Pumpkin as it teleports in must save vs. Paralysis or become insane for 2d12 days. A save at +2 can then be made, or the character is permanently insane. In person, the pumpkin’s ‘charm’ is at a penalty of one to the saving throw.

The pumpkin attacks with fire from its eyes, nose, and mouth. The cone starts at one foot across, and expands to a six-foot diameter cone, six foot from the pumpkin. Everyone around the target must save vs. Breath weapon or also be hit. The target must also save vs. Breath weapon—if unsuccessful, the target’s items must make item saving throws vs. normal fire or be destroyed.

The Leering Pumpkin saves as a four hit-dice creature.

When a pumpkin dies, it explodes, causing 2d8 damage to all within 10 feet. A successful save vs. Breath weapon reduces this damage to half.

Pumpkins may converse telepathically to one target per round.