Role-Playing Defense

But it’s just a game!

Sure, you know that, and I know that, and anyone with half a brain who has looked beyond the cover of any role-playing game knows that. But there are a lot of people out there with only half a brain, and a lot more people who listen to the people with half a brain and who haven’t taken the time to check one of these games out for themselves.

And why should they? You do the same thing. You’re perfectly willing to believe that what other people do is worth banning. Whether it’s inexpensive pistols, target rifles, marijuana, sex, or jazz music, everyone’s got their own personal AD&D that they want to ban.

Me? Mine’s censorship. I think we should put people in jail for saying that other people aren’t allowed to say something else. And that includes people who say that other people shouldn’t say that other people shouldn’t be allowed to say something. See you in the slammer.

The Politics of Prohibition

As long as you support banning things that other people do, you have given the state the power to ban the things that you do.

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