Replica, by Farallon

In the new version of the site, I’m keeping track of NAGEE versions by “printable” and “editable”. As I write this, the editable is in RTF and the printable is in PDF (a change from the Postscript we used back in the day).

I haven’t uploaded the Replica versions to the new site, because (a) they would be the print version, and (b) as far as I can tell there is no way to read Replica nowadays. Farallon abandoned the format long before they went through a couple of name changes. I do still have the originals, though I can’t (because I can’t read them) guarantee that they’re not corrupt. If you can do this, and can verify that they are still readable, let me know. I have no problem keeping ancient versions available if they can still be read by a handful of people.

Offer valid for NAGEE 5 and 6 only, since the earlier versions were all text and postscript.