Comics on the Net

The best comics on the net

Waste L.A.: Descent; the photo-comic to begin photo-comics. And you can order it right here. Or read it right here. Descent is one of the best series I read in 1996, and I strongly recommend you check it out.
DM of the Rings
Shamus Young’s epic retelling of The Lord of the Rings movie from the perspective of the player characters is absolutely hilarious, and, fortunately for you, now available in its entirety. If you’re a gamer or a Lord of the Rings fan, this is required reading.
Mack White
Some of Mack’s comics, presented fully on-line. Includes the Goat Nuns, The Mutant Book of the Dead, The Treasure of San Diablo, and more!
Not Available Comics
Blinky, Cutegirl, the Fantabulous Matt Feazell!
Dating, Feminism, and Fashion. Eleven years of Bruno, a complete web-comic from 1996 to 2007. But the archives suck. The only way I can see to read it is to read it backwards.
Something Positive
This strip is very character-oriented. I recommend going to the “first comic“ (or hit the archive link in the menu) and starting from the beginning. It’s worth it, and they’re a lot funnier when you know what’s going on (but they’re still funny even when you don’t).
Looking For Group
Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza take on multiplayer on-line role-playing games a little, and fantasy literature a lot, in this very funny series about a nice Elf, an evil Richard, and their intrepid companions.
The Gifted
Electric Comics Graphic Novel about “The End”. Pretty wild computer graphics. Intense story. Read it.
Cu Comics
Aaaagh! Tales, The Body Shop, and The Virginia Gallery. Pretty good stuff here. Look in “Aaaagh! Tales” for “The Lab That Jack Blew Up.”
Vintage Comics Viewing Room
Old comics, taken off the net because of copyright infringement allegations by DC Comics. Still some good ranting available, though. And some great covers.
Nik Scott
Humor from Down Under. Hey, where else can you find opiates, bondage, and world revolution? I strongly recommend this strip, coming to you straight the Australian bush. Ain’t the Internet wonderful?
“A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” Just like old times.
Official Cypher Graphic Novel Fan Site
Comic using photorealistic images. Apparently no longer on-line, but you download the font.
Open Directory Project Comics Directory
A very thorough listing of on-line comic books and strips.
Real Life Comics
The semi-real life adventures of Greg, Liz, and the occasional orbiting space station.
Sunday at Ten
An odd little comic about a bunch of gaming and computer geeks who own a company with a gorgon for a secretary but also work in the real world.