Alan Moore’s Twilight of the Superheroes


Some time circa 1987, after Swamp Thing and Watchmen, and before his falling out with DC, comics legend Alan Moore submitted a proposal for a series that was never published. Twilight. Plunging the DC Universe into Ragnarok, Goetterdammerung, the Twilight of the Gods, it was never brought to fruition.

This document surfaced later in an un-named Science Fiction fanzine and was transferred to the web by un-named fans. I cleaned up some of the obvious scanning errors (after a year scanning the work of Freud, I’ve come to recognize the difference between computer error and human error). Originally there was some question as to its validity. That is, was it really Alan Moore’s proposal, or a well-written hoax? Pros across the net agreed that it was real. The stories they tell make this script into some sort of holy grail, a magical creation passing from hero to hero. The comments are worth reading. The authorship, however, is no longer in doubt. Both Alan Moore (to others) and DC Comics (to me) have said that this is in fact Moore’s proposal.

Proposal removed at DC’s request

DC has pulled a fast one on me in lieu of proof. For more information, see the summary. This means that the actual text is off-line (at least at this site) indefinitely. If you have a scholarly or other need to read the actual text, write DC Comics!

The information on this site is a summary of what I have seen. See DC Copyright Summary for more information on why. If you want to see the real thing, it is available at other places on the net.