Alan Moore’s Twilight: The Story

The Storyline Itself

An unpublished series proposal for DC Comics by Alan Moore

Removed at the request of DC Comics. See DC Copyright Summary for a summary!

The core of the story—the actual 12 or so issue series—takes place twenty or thirty years in the future. The “framing device” involves heroes of the future attempting to warn the heroes of the past of what is happening, so that the heroes of the past (which is DC’s present continuity) can try to avert the disaster.

The first thing that happens is that a bunch of the time-traveling heroes in DC Comics, such as Rip Hunter and the Legion of Superheroes, notice a Time Trapper plot that cuts off 1990 to 2010 from normal time travel. Some of them, investigating the problem, get stuck inside the time “fluke” created by the Time Trapper, so that they are forced to watch the Ragnarok take place, unable to return to their home times.

Constantine, twenty years into the future, is as manipulative and on top of things as he ever was in the past. In fact, he’ll be the character running throughout the “crossovers” in the various series of the current time-line.