Bibliography for the History of Dumas’s Musketeers

These books cover the period around the time that the Musketeers stories happen, and some of them focus on the secondary characters in the French court.

Durant, Will and Ariel:
The Story of Civilization VII: The Age of Reason Begins; Simon and Schuster, 1961. Very interesting because it covers events around the world during the period of Louix XIII’s reign, and the period leading up to it. Gives a greater understanding of the conflict at La Rochelle, for example, from an international perspective. Heavily biased to his own personal views, which are at least obvious.
Holt, Mack P.:
The French Wars of Religion, 1562-1629; Cambridge University Press, 1995. Some interesting stuff about the events leading up to La Rochelle.
Kleinman, Ruth:
Anne of Austria, Queen of France; Ohio State University Press, 1985. This book is especially useful because most of the plots that are running through the Musketeers involved the Queen.
Moote, A. Lloyd:
Louis XIII, The Just; University of California Press, 1989. This is an attempt to rebuild the generally poor view of Louis XIII.
Noone, John:
The Man Behind the Iron Mask; St. Martin’s Press, 1994. An overview of most, if not all, of the theories that have been put forward on who the Man in the Iron Mask really was. Comes up with his own theory, which certainly appears more likely than any of the others. Of course, he did write the book. As an overview, I strongly recommend this book. His own theory I don’t feel qualified to judge.
Tapié, Victor L:
France in the Age of Louis XIII and Richelieu; Praeger Publishers, 1975, as translated by D. McN. Lockie. While this covers the periods in question quite well, it tends not to cover the details we’re actually interested in, mainly those having to do with duels, the Queen (who barely rates a mention), and the various plots going on at the time.