Political Police

The following list of bureaucrats who support the black gun ban was compiled by Diane Feinstein’s office on or around December 11, 1995. (See Law Enforcement & Self-Defense for how actual police officers feel about gun control.)

Most of these organizations are, in fact, from California, who have the most to benefit from being on Senator Feinstein’s good side. If you have contacts with, or live in the jurisdiction of, one of these bureaucratic organizations, you might want to point out politely who they’re really supposed to serve.

Or, if you’re feeling less confrontational, ask them to clarify their position; forward the response to me for inclusion here.

If you have more contact information for any of the organizations below, please let me know below!

Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas.
304 West 13th Street - Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 495-9111 (Out of State) or 1-800-252-8153 (In State)
President Ronald G. Delord and Vice President John Kerr
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.
Fraternal Order of Police.
International Association of Chiefs of Police.
515 North Washington Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
(703) 243-6500
International Association of Police Officers.
National Association of Police Organizations.
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives.
National Sheriffs Association.
National Troopers Association.
Police Executive Research Forum.
Police Foundation.
California State Sheriff's Association.
California Police Chiefs Association.
Alameda Police Chief Burnham E. Matthews.
Alameda County Sheriff Charles C. Plummer.
Auburn Police Chief Michael A. Morello.
Bear Valley Police Chief Marcel J. Jojola.
Campbell Police Chief James A. Cost.
Carmel Police Chief Donald P. Fuselier.
Chino Police Chief Richard Sill.
Delano Police Chief Gerald M. Gruver.
Dixon Police Chief Rick C. Fuller.
Downey Police Chief Gerald C. Caldwell.
El Monte Police Chief Wayne C. Clayton.
Exeter Police Chief John H. Kunkel.
Escondido Police Chief Michael P. Stein.
Fremont Police Chief Craig T. Steckler.
Gardena Police Chief Richard K. Propster.
Glendale Police Chief James E. Anthony.
Half Moon Bay Police Chief Dennis K. Wick.
Hawthorne Police Chief Stephen R. Port.
Huntington Beach Police Chief Ronald E. Lownberg.
Imperial County Sheriff Oren R. Fox.
Irvine Police Chief Charles S. Brobeck.
Irwindale Police Chief Julian S. Miranda.
Laguna Beach Police Chief Neil J. Purcell.
La Habra Police Chief Steve Staveley.
Lodi Police Chief Larry D. Hansen.
Lindsay Police Chief Bert H. Garzelli.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Sherman Block.
Manhattan Beach Police Chief Ted J. Mertens.
Menlo Park Police Chief Bruce C. Cumming.
Montebello Police Chief Steve Simonian.
Monterey Police Chief F.D. Sanderson.
Morgan Hill Police Chief Steven L. Schwab.
Newport Beach Police Chief Bob McDonnell.
Novato Police Chief Brian Brady.
Oakland Police Chief Joseph Samuels, Jr.
Oxnard Police Chief Harold L. Hurtt.
Palm Springs Police Chief Gene H. Kulander.
Patterson Police Chief William D. Middleton.
Petaluma Police Chief Dennis DeWitt.
Piedmont Police Chief Jim Moilan.
(Someone by the name of Tom Moilan tells me she got his name wrong, and it's really John! So much for support.)
Pittsburg Police Chief Willis A. Casey.
Placer County Sheriff Edward N. Bonner.
Redding Chief Robert P. Blankenship.
Rialto Police Chief Dennis J. Hegwood.
Richmond Police Chief William M. Lansdowne.
Sacramento Police Chief Arturo Venegas, Jr.
San Buenaventura Police Chief Richard F. Thomas.
San Carlos Police Chief Clifford Gerst.
San Diego County Sheriff William B. Kolender.
9621 Ridgehaven Ct, San Diego, CA
(619) 974-2222
Public Affairs: (619) 974-2050
San Luis Obispo Police Chief James M. Gardiner.
San Mateo County Sheriff Don Horsley.
San Francisco Police Chief Anthony Ribera.
City and County Police Captain Richard J. Caims.
Santa Ana Police Chief Daniel G. McCoy.
Santa Barbara Police Chief Richard A. Breza.
Santa Clara Police Chief Charles R. Arolla.
Santa Cruz County Sheriff Mark S. Tracy.
Santa Cruz Police Chief Steven R. Belcher.
Santa Paula Police Chief Walter Adair.
Seal Beach Police Chief William D. Stearns.
Sonoma Police Chief John P. Gurney.
Sonora Police Chief Michael R. Efford.
South Pasadena Police Chief Thomas E. Mahoney.
Suisun City Police Chief Ronald V. Forsythe.
Tiburon Police Chief Peter G. Herley.
Tracy Police Chief Jared L. Zwickey.
Twin Cities Police Chief Phil D. Green.
Ventura Police Chief Richard F. Thomas.
Walnut Creek Police Chief Karel A. Swanson.

Last updated 1/7/96