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You might also want to look at friend-sarah, which is pretty much the same thing, but without the forms and buttons.

I've sent a copy of this to my Senators (yes, even to Diane Feinstein), my Representative, and to President Clinton. I urge you to do the same. This is the "National Public Safety Survey" that Handgun Control, Inc. mailed to my door. Make your own answers, explain them, print out the form, and mail it off. If you want more control over the format, do a "Save As…", and save as "Text".

If you don't have any other contact information, you can use:

U.S. Senator [name]
U.S. Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510
Senate Switchboard: 202-224-3121
U.S. Rep. [name]
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515
House Switchboard: 202-225-3121
Handgun Control, Inc.
P.O. Box 96627
Washington, D.C. 20077-7307
National Public Safety Survey
  1. The latest FBI statistics reveal that 53% of murders are now committed by "strangers or unknown persons" and that 70% of all murders involve guns. How concerned are you about gun violence in this country?

    • I am extremely concerned and want to do something about it.
    • I am concerned, but feel I can't do anything about it.
    • I'm not concerned.

  2. Did you know that several Members of Congress have introduced legislation to repeal the Brady Law—a law that has worked to block more than 40,000 criminals and other prohibited persons from buying handguns during its first year alone?

    • Yes No

  3. Chief lobbyist for the NRA, Tanya Metaksa, announced recently, "We have the assurances of the speaker [Gingrich] that there will be repeal" of the assault weapons ban. Do you agree that concern for public safety and the will of the people should matter more to congress than the agenda of the National Rifle Association?

    • Yes, I urge Congress to show some courage by standing up to the NRA's attempts to repeal gun control legislation.
    • No, I don't agree.
    • Undecided.

  4. Would you support legislation to require a license for anyone purchasing a handgun and to register handgun transfers—just as we license drivers and register our cars?

    • Yes No Undecided

  5. Would you support a nationwide campaign to enact a law to stop back-alley gun sales by prohibiting people from buying more than one gun a month? Such a law is working right now in Virginia which is no longer the #1 source state for gun runners up and down the East Coast.

    • Yes No Undecided

  6. Are you interested in learning about grassroots activities in your area and participating in a local campaign against gun violence in your own community?

    • Yes, please let me know more about what I can do to help.
    • No, I don't have time right now—but I support those efforts.
    • No, I'm not interested.

  7. Do you believe that America needs more sensible gun control laws, not less, in order to protect public safety by blocking every pathway through which guns get into the wrong hands?

    • Yes No

This is not a form that you can submit to me! Print it out and mail it via postal mail to your congressional reps.