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They will sow dissension

Jerry Stratton, September 1, 2010

Oh my. Bill O’Reilly spent an entire show talking about Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally. Fox & Friends talked about it, too. And Megyn Kelly, and Bret Baier, and Greta Van Susteren! It’s all a conspiracy to play up that damned tea party!

No, wait. But Sean Hannity didn’t mention it. You can’t have a Fox News conspiracy if Sean Hannity isn’t part of it!

Okay, change of narrative. There’s a war brewing at Fox!

Right. This is something Ace at Ace of Spades HQ wrote about a couple of months ago: each story has at least two narratives. The one that hurts conservatives will be chosen. Suppose Hannity’s show, like the rest on Fox, had talked about Beck’s Restoring Honor event. The narrative then would have been about collusion among all of the Fox stars.

Dissension is also what the latest Vanity Fair Palin piece is about. In their case, though, it’s some real flailing about looking for an “appropriate” narrative. Palin has never hunted? Believing that requires a conspiracy of epic proportions committed by people who had no idea it would be necessary. But boy, wouldn’t that be a great rumor to get started among the second amendment tea partiers!

Fortunately, I don’t think second amendment tea partiers read Vanity Fair.

We also have to be careful of creating our own dissension. There were a lot of unnecessary threats and insults hurled towards Alaska in the latest primary, and I expect some of them increased the chances of a three-way race. I recommend following Palin’s gracious approach:

Congratulations, @JoeWMiller! Thank you for your service, Sen. Murkowski. On to November!

It is possible to be strong and graceful, and it’s worth striving for even in politics.

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