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Mimsy Review: Why I Hate Saturn

Reviewed by Jerry Stratton, May 11, 2009

All the Mexican restaurants in New York seem to have the same look. It’s not exactly authentic, but there’s probably not much call for a restaurant that features cheap blankets, painted donkeys, and two dollar blow jobs.

Kyle Baker’s “Why I Hate Saturn” is the Fear & Loathing for the 21 Jump Street generation.

AuthorKyle Baker
Length204 pages
Book Rating7

So, I’m only about eighteen years behind the curve on this one, but I finally picked up Kyle Baker’s Why I Hate Saturn at last year’s comic-con. I bought it because I enjoyed the copy of The Cowboy Wally Show that I picked up the year before at the con.

Part of the reason I bought them is, most likely, that they’re out of print and falling into the hands of the kind of disreputable dealer that I frequent on the exhibition floor. I’ve added You Are Here to the list of Kyle Baker books, but I haven’t read that one yet. I told you, I’m sixteen years behind the curve. I’ll pick that up at this year’s con.

Reminiscent of movies such as Swingers and The Tao of Steve. Which, of course, came after it: 1996 and 2000, respectively. That’s what I get for watching movies more than I read books nowadays.

Why I Hate Saturn

Kyle Baker

Recommendation: Purchase