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Why does the Institutional Left hate Israel so much?

Jerry Stratton, April 17, 2024

There is only one offence: George Orwell: There is only one offense, over image of Winston’s torture from the movie 1984.; George Orwell

If anything in modern life could be worse than the October 7 atrocities against Israelis, it would be the unalloyed support those atrocities have received from the institutional Left in America. Everywhere you turn in academia and even so-called “mainstream” news sites, there are people in power attempting to justify not just the invasion but the kidnappings, rape, and torture that was its entire point.

Why does the left hate Israel so much? While the institutional Left seems to hate just about everyone, here you have a nation of peoples who in other countries reliably vote far left, and whose country began explicitly communist and remains a very left-leaning country.

In my opinion that’s an explanation for the hate, not a contradiction. Israel may have a demonstrably left government, but it began even further left than it is now. Israelis quickly discovered that communes and kibbutzes do not work on a countrywide level. Rather than put up with famine and corruption, they changed. They learned from their mistakes.

This is anathema to the leftist elite. The institutional left deliberately never learns from that kind of mistake and especially never allows its constituents to learn from that kind of mistake. Instead, they blame an imaginary far right for their own failure and double down on failure.

That’s the whole point of creating crises, to use them to gain more power. Looking at a crisis and saying, hey, maybe we did something wrong to get here, is missing the entire point of their policies.

It is power and domination.

You’re a Black woman who turns against the left? You’re neither “a true Black” nor “a true woman”. They actually say this. If you’re a Hispanic who argues for individual liberty? You’re a race traitor. That’s not a phrase I made up. It’s a phrase of the left to describe people who are non-white and yet do not submit to the left.

Mystery of the ages: Thomas Sowell: One of the mysteries of the ages is why the political left has, for centuries, lavished so much attention on the well-being of criminals and paid so little attention to their victims.; institutional Left; left-wing, the Left, establishment Left; Thomas Sowell; criminals; criminal justice

The institutional Left see everything in terms of race, so it isn’t surprising that when an entire country of Jews turns against socialism even slightly, the Left doubles down on antisemitism.

Everywhere that a country’s people learn the evils of socialism and change rather than double down on failure, the institutions of the Left hates them. Everywhere a country’s people continue putting up with failure theater, the Left continues praising them as the nation of the future, right up to their collapse. Look at Milei in Argentina and then at Venezuela.

And then when it falls into chaos they first ignore it and then try to say it wasn’t their own leftist policies that caused the failure.

It is better in their view to descend into corruption, poverty, and mass murder than to change course and follow the time-tested principles embodied in American conservatism.

Hell, look at America right now. Four years of a conservative New Yorker vs. three years of an avowed leftist in the White House has resulted in an obvious comparison to the point where the institutions of the left are reduced to arguing that economic disaster and rising prices are Good Things.

But Israel went even further than learning and changing. They once were victims. It’s part of why they created Israel. Through their own hard work, they threw off their victimhood.

The left doesn’t want anyone not being victims. They continually invent reasons for more people to be victims. Remember, they view everything through race. They transform everything into race. Even opposing the mutilation and chemical castration of children is treated by them as a form of racism. And any people who, as a whole, become successful, cannot be non-white. They become, in the left’s eyes, white.

That’s pretty much it. If you’re not a victim, you’re white. A hispanic defending himself from murder—they literally put him in whiteface—or a Native American showing pride in a sports team both incur their wrath and are declared white.

Nor should it be any surprise that wokeness and the compulsory racism taught in schools and colleges are at the center of this hatred. DEI and CRT are inherently racist, often indistinguishable from the racism of antebellum slaveholders and early twentieth century eugenicists.

Whenever they take over an industry and set up quotas, who fares even worse than whites? Jews. Asians. Specifically, those Jews and Asians who work hard to succeed.

And they’re having serious second thoughts about legal immigrants from Mexico and Africa, who tend to be more successful than people who use criminal means to come here. Even more than people who have have been here their entire lives—but who have been indoctrinated into the ways of the Left.

When the institutions of the Left co-opted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message they transformed the civil rights movement from a movement to judge everyone by the content of their character to one based on division by the color of their skin. They’re literally calling for re-segregation of schools. They transformed civil rights from a freedom movement into a slave movement.

Israel’s message is never forget. The left’s message is never forget you’re a victim

…or else.

In response to Your devil has no clothes: The others of the extreme left and right have different qualities. The others of the left—Sarah Palin, the Koch brothers, Brendan Eich, for example—voice opinions, but are otherwise fairly unobtrusive politically. They are people who would not have been an issue if they weren’t personally made an issue by the vanguard of the left.

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