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Roundup of Reactions to the Democrat’s Latest Corrupt Lawfare

Jerry Stratton, June 5, 2024

Rabbit Coming Through: A rabbit facing the swamp: “I’m comin’ through.” Tagged with “#courage”.; courage; bravery; rabbits; hares

There are a lot smarter people than me commenting on the necessary response to the witch hunt in New York City, so I’m going to lead with them.

  • Ace: “Enough of the compromised fake Republicans at National Review and Commentary. Man up or get out.”
  • Bookworm: “It’s to be hoped that, by turning Trump into an outlaw, the Democrats both bit off more than they can chew and woke the sleeping giant. Plus, they inspired memes…”
  • Daniel Greer: “Citizens have seen politically motivated judges & prosecutors warp statutes, lawmakers remove protections to target disfavored individuals retroactively, and executives selectively ignore the plain text of the law they’re sworn to uphold. How will Texas’ public servants respond?”
  • Sarah Hoyt: “…if the verdict weren’t a foregone conclusion, they’d have tried to make the trial more plausible.”
  • William A. Jacobson: “Lawfare very easily can become warfare when people lose trust in the institutions that are supposed to protect against political persecution.”
  • Robert Stacy McCain: “…the problem with writing about this trial is that the English language doesn’t have enough synonyms for bullshit.”
  • Brooke L. Rollins: “This accommodation must stop. We will not last if we continue giving them the civics of comity while they give us the hard hand of lawfare. Let them live under the rules they impose upon us—upon ordinary Americans.”
  • Mark Steyn: “A governing party of a serious nation so indifferent to elementary maxims of prudence that it's prepared to invent out of whole cloth crimes with which to convict the leader of the opposition is not one you'd want to bank on to keep us from stumbling into, say, a third world war… right now there is no law in America, and, in consequence, no politics. So there is no point in pretending you enjoy benefit of either, and in doing so you're just part of the problem.”
  • Don Surber: “…we must expel New York from the union and demote it to territory because the state has deteriorated into a shell of a Western government unworthy of being a state. Its election interference is inexcusable. Albany’s government is a cancer on the nation’s politics which Congress must remove.”
  • Don Surber: “The only hope the nation has left is to elect Trump president on November 5… Until then, review the reaction from opinion makers and politicians. Those who don’t protest deserve zero support in the future because if the deep state gets away with this one, we are all doomed as it only becomes a matter of time before the deep state gets everyone.”
If Biden actually won: “They wouldn’t be trying so hard to throw Trump in jail, if Biden actually got 81 million votes.”; Joe Biden; vote fraud; clean elections; President Donald Trump

There’s a lot of truth to this meme: Democrats are certainly acting as if Biden didn’t actually win.

This two-tier policing, where one side commits actual crimes and goes free, and one side is criminalized for what aren’t even crimes, has to go. All extradition requests to states like New York and DC must be actively refused. Those states cannot be trusted to exonerate the innocent any more than they can be trusted to lock up the guilty. Their goal is demonstrably to free dangerous criminals—and to lock up innocent people for the crime of holding different political views.

And everything to the institutional left is political. They will not permit a course correction.

While the verdict in New York City was no surprise given the corrupt instructions from the judge, it was still disappointing that there were not enough old school independent New Yorkers to at least provide some dissent from the swamp.

But that’s how the American judicial system works nowadays. Any jurors willing to examine the evidence against the government’s position and the lack of evidence for it would have been weeded out during jury selection.

Mark Steyn pointed out the further aid to corruption, that prosecutors are allowed to throw multiple dubious allegations against the defendant like strands of spaghetti against a wall, in the hope that one of them will stick—both in the jury’s mind and in the public’s. If this is allowed to stand it will grow far worse in New York and other Democrat-run states. Jurors there won’t even be required to agree on which strand of spaghetti they’re convicting on. Even now we don’t know what the actual crime is that Trump has been convicted of. New York and DC and every place that Democrats take over have become insanely Kafkaesque.

As Ace and John Hinderaker wrote, this cannot remain one-sided. If this is the way that politics now works in America, swamp politicians must suffer it too. Every federal agent or official who participates in this banana republic bullshit in red states needs to be prosecuted for the crimes they have committed and demonstrably abetted.

Every FBI agent and administrator who participated in the shitshow that was the FBI frame-up in Florida needs to be arrested and tried by Florida in Florida. Every agent or official who has participated in bringing January 6 protestors from red states to the DC swamp needs to be arrested and prosecuted in the home states of those victims of the corrupt DC system.

Post-democratic voting: Mark Steyn: The permanent ruling class, the post-democratic class, is teaching the people a very troubling lesson: no matter how you vote, nothing’s going to change. And once you start telling people that, there isn’t anything left. You’re telling them that their grievances can’t be accommodated within the respectable political systems and structures of the land.; vote fraud; clean elections; post democracy; Mark Steyn; uniparty; Demopublicans, Republicrats

Every official who aids or abets human trafficking—especially after being given money by pro-pedophilia billionaires—needs to be held accountable for their crimes.

As do the billionaires.

The same is true of those mutilating children. I’m not aware that chopping off children’s body parts or poisoning them so that they never grow into adults has been made legal in most states, certainly not in red states. Gender mutilation is almost certainly just as illegal as hacking off a child’s leg or destroying them with any other poison. That needs to be acknowledged and prosecuted.

Every politician who paid for the summer riots of 2020 and even bailed terrorists out to terrorize again, to destroy and maim and kill, should be arrested and prosecuted for every crime committed by their protégés.

If that’s the game, there isn’t even a need to make up bullshit unspecified crimes to play it as Democrats blatantly did in New York City. As Hinderaker wrote, Biden and the rest of the establishment left have actually committed crimes far more concrete than the imaginary spaghetti strands being tossed at Trump, the January 6 prisoners, and Trump allies like Peter Navarro.

Democrats have committed real crimes with real victims. If they’re aiding terrorism domestically, prosecute them. If they’re aiding terrorists overseas, prosecute them. If they’re aiding human traffickers or pedophiles, prosecute them.

And hold them personally responsible for every unlawful arrest, search, harassment, or assault they commit in their bid to terrorize political opposition.

This is not a time for harshly worded letters and flurries of fundraising emails that end as soon as the money rolls in. As fellow Texan Brooke Rollins wrote:

Statements deploring the Left are irrelevant. It is time for action. There are numerous grounds for prosecution of a huge array of leftist figures, from Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton to BLM rioters to Palestinian partisans and beyond. Bring those charges. Deny ballot access. Launch open-ended investigations. Kill institutional funding. Seek examples to be made. It sounds awful, and it is—but this is the world they’ve made for us. We have no option but to bring them to live in it as well.

I am at the point where I want to see everything up to and including Texas raids on federal prisons to free political prisoners there—especially federal prisons in Texas but also in DC.

Every time we see a strongly-worded tweet or get a send-money-now plea, that’s what we need to demand.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out. — John (The Gospel According to John)

In response to Election 2024: Positioning for election 2024 is already started; the campaign will heat up very quickly after November 2022.

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