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The Modern Lobotomy: Whitewashing Child Mutilation

Jerry Stratton, March 29, 2023

Gender and hair: “Gender is not a hair length. It cannot be changed with scissors.”; Ace of Spades; child mutilation; youth transgender surgery

One of the worst sins of popular medicine in the twentieth century was the lobotomy. There was no science to it. It was a fad initiated by quacks that caught on through media manipulation, lies, and fear. The evidence in favor of it was mostly fabricated, and what little was not outright fabricated from nothing was fabricated via the worst kind of data manipulation. Practitioners combined fear with promises of rosy futures that would never materialize to convince people to subject their loved ones to a lobotomy.

This barbaric practice was widely promoted through media campaigns, and one “pioneer” even received a Nobel Prize for it.

I know people whose parents were destroyed by lobotomies, which took a healthy brain and mutilated it beyond repair. Today, our modern lobotomizers are preventing people from even becoming parents by mutilating them beyond repair as children, pretending that these are the child’s choice. This is completely crazy. Part of the growth of civilization has been the recognition that children cannot make choices like these.

And that adults who make choices like these for children are criminals.

Our modern lobotomizers are using the same old techniques to convince parents and society that these horrific procedures are not just good but necessary. Appeals to nebulous future horrors. Accusations of intolerance. Studies excluding every victim that committed suicide, dropped out of sight, or completely avoided their victimizer after the lobotomy. They’ve cowed even people who recognize the horrors. Everybody euphemizes their criticisms and whitewashes the real horrors of gender mutilation.

Even people who oppose child mutilation fear to call it by the horror that it is. I’ve seen the phrase “radical gender surgeries”, for example, as a euphemism for child mutilation. But there’s no sense in which child mutilation is a surgery, and there’s no sense in which it is about gender. The child’s gender doesn’t change. The child is mutilated and remains the same gender. Just irreversibly broken.

We know this. We know it is not medicine.

Cambridge Dictionary:
Surgery: the treatment of injuries or diseases in people or animals by cutting open the body and removing or repairing the damaged part
Collins Dictionary:
Surgery is medical treatment in which someone’s body is cut open so that a doctor can repair, remove, or replace a diseased or damaged part.

These are just two examples. That surgery is a “medical practice that treats injuries, diseases, and deformities by the physical removal, repair, or readjustment of organs and tissues” is widely quoted at surgical centers throughout the world. Surgery is used to treat medical conditions: injuries, diseases, and deformities, in an attempt to restore normal operation. That’s literally its definition. None of that is what’s going on here. There is no injury, no disease, no deformity, and certainly no restoration of normal function. Hacking healthy body parts is not surgery. It is mutilation.

Our mass delusion, however, is not just that this mutilation is okay, but that it’s legal. Mutilation is a crime, and not just metaphorically. Imagine if parents and educators were paying someone to chop off a child’s healthy arm or leg. Even if they conspired with a doctor to claim that chopping off the arm or leg was necessary, everyone involved would be prosecuted, convicted, and universally reviled.

As far as I know, very few states have passed laws to exempt cutting off breasts and penises of minors from the laws against child abuse. It’s just that no one’s willing to prosecute.

Children do not identify. They are. And they have adults in their lives to help them navigate the process of becoming adults themselves. Adults who deliberately feed them lies so as to mutilate and, in some cases, kill them, are child abusers. When school officials not only refuse to address depression and other psychological issues among children but rather deliberately manipulate them into self-hatred and self-mutilation, they are committing horrendous crimes.

Rather than provide care, they do nothing but exacerbate the child’s mental health issues and often cause those mental health issues. When Yaeli Galdemaz committed suicide, it was because school officials preyed on her depression and made it worse. They murdered her, and we’re not just letting them get away with it, we’re promoting them for it. This is our culture today: kill children and be praised for it.

“Gender-affirming care” is the typical opposite language of people who want to conceal what they’re actually doing. It means the exact opposite of what it says. It’s gender destructive. It affirms nothing. Affirming would mean helping the child overcome whatever issues—bullying, mental health issues, or adult pressure—is afflicting them. Affirming care would help the child grow into a healthy adult comfortable with who they are. Not block their growth past puberty or mutilate their bodies, forever disfiguring them, turning them into a caricature of something they can never be.

Today’s gender mutilation craze is a fad of quacks and their followers; and like the lobotomy quackery it is ruining more and more lives the more it takes hold. We need to stop it, and we need to treat people who mutilate children as the criminals they are.

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