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The January 6 witch-hunt

Jerry Stratton, September 8, 2021

It’s pretty obvious that Democrats and the Left are trying to create a witch hunt around the January 6 rally in DC. It wasn’t an insurrection. Even the “evidence” introduced by Democrats make it the least violent, cleanest riot ever.

This is mostly a link round-up about the prisoners. I don’t really have a lot to say about the “cleanest riot ever”. I don’t even have a lot to say about the political prisoners in DC other than help them if you can. But if there’s a witch-hunt starting, I intend to identify as a witch. Before the witch-hunter’s indicium comes into play.1

As I wrote earlier, I was in DC on January 6, and I was on the Capitol grounds milling around with everyone else who was milling around, talking about the weather in DC compared to wherever we came from, wondering if there would ever be a basic audit into alleged election fraud, and eventually, wandering away to eat Atlantic oysters.

I’m not saying that inside the Capitol was as boring as outside of it. I can only know what I saw, and it was pretty boring outside. What I see reported on the rally in areas I was at is almost universally wrong. It was wrong both at the Capitol and around DC in general. I walked safely around DC eight miles Tuesday evening and eleven miles all day Wednesday—from the Washington Monument to Pleasant Plains, Capitol Hill to Georgetown—and saw nothing requiring police presence, which was fortunate because I saw no police presence. I think I saw one police officer the whole day on Wednesday, and very few on Tuesday as we walked up Pennsylvania Avenue from the Mall after the speeches.

Cleanest riot ever

They didn’t even bother to toss debris around before staging this photo. But even if you assume it’s not staged, look at the “debris” from the “ransacking insurrectionists”. Every rioter carefully replaced the cap before discarding their bottle. One way or another, this is the cleanest riot ever.

From all accounts, even the doctored video from the prosecutors, most of the people in jail are in jail for walking through open doors in a public building. It was about as far from an insurrection as you can get with three or more people gathered.

It’s so difficult for the news media to find egregious actions that the photos in the news almost never match the captions. They had to create a fictitious beating with a fire extinguisher—and exploit an officer’s family’s grief over a natural death—to create a fictional narrative about deadly violence on the part of the ralliers. Whether it’s a politician “cleaning up” what must be the shiniest post-riot floor ever, to the “rioters” politely keeping to the right as they walk up stairs, it’s difficult not to see the reporting on our rally in the Capitol as deliberate lies.

View video.

Walking carefully up the right side of the stairs is neither an insurrection nor a riot.

The reporting and the rhetoric and the prison time, this is all nothing more than revenge for questioning a questionable election. That’s all it is; they know it, and they know we know it. The more I see election officials and Democrats fight against the sort of simple audits that should be performed every election, the more convinced I am that this election was stolen.

On the most basic level, however, the transformation of January 6 ralliers into witches is a very dangerous path in a free country. As Ace at the Ace of Spades HQ wrote,

When people who spent four years role-playing as “the Resistance” against a “stolen election” suddenly start telling us dissent and resistance are treason that will be punished without mercy, we know exactly what’s going on. It’s a grim story repeated throughout human history.

It’s little consolation that witch trials rarely end where the witch-hunters want them to.

I know very little about the Patriot Freedom Project but they seem to be doing good work helping the families of those who are, by all appearances, political prisoners. If you can, consider making a donation.

In response to Your devil has no clothes: The others of the extreme left and right have different qualities. The others of the left—Sarah Palin, the Koch brothers, Brendan Eich, for example—voice opinions, but are otherwise fairly unobtrusive politically. They are people who would not have been an issue if they weren’t personally made an issue by the vanguard of the left.

  1. Anyone who pronounces against the death sentence is reasonably suspected of complicity; no one is to urge the judges to desist from the prosecution; nay it is an indicium of witchcraft to defend witches, or to affirm that witch stories which are told as certain are mere deceptions or illusions. — Martin Antoine Del Rio (The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology)

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