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Free the January 6 prisoners

Jerry Stratton, February 2, 2022

This is not a long post but it is an important one. I don’t know anyone in DC. I expect that’s true of most of us at the Capitol of January 6. It must be horrendous for families to have their loved ones in limbo so far away, and it must be horrendous to be imprisoned so far away from your loved ones in such a limbo.

I had the opportunity to hear Brooke Rollins speak two weeks ago. Rollins was director of the United States Domestic Policy Council for President Trump. During the Q&A I asked, "what can we do for the January 6 prisoners?"

She seemed genuinely angry at their treatment, and that they're still held without trial, but the only advice she could offer was, write your representatives.

So I sent this letter to my Senators, my governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and state representatives.

It is unconscionable that we are still holding so many January 6 prisoners without trial or bail.

I do not know the truth of the accusations against them. I cannot trust the media; I know that the media lied about conditions outside of the Capitol: I was there.

Naively, I initially believed media reports about what was happening inside. Then slowly it came out that everything they'd reported about assaults and deaths was not just wrong but a lie.

I cannot trust the Capitol Police. At best they allowed these lies to circulate for months, slandering all of us, before acknowledging they were lies.

At worst, they were complicit in spreading those lies.

But I do know that it is wrong that more than a year later they are still awaiting trial with no bail. The reporting by Julie Kelly and others on conditions within the prison and the long continued incarceration without trial or bail is heartbreaking.

Please do everything you can to bring them home. Please do everything you can to help them and their families.

This isn’t much of a letter, but that’s partly because this should go without saying. I cannot understand why everyone in DC is silent about the uniquely bad treatment meted out to these prisoners.

The only other way I know to help is the fund for their families. I learned about it from Julie Kelly, who has been the best voice for the January 6 prisoners I know about. It looks like they may also be trying to get lawyers on board for pro-bono representation, which would be great if they can do it.

In response to The January 6 witch-hunt: If there’s a witch-hunt starting, I’ve decided it’s best to identify as a witch.

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