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January 6 nightmare worthy of Kafka

Jerry Stratton, January 4, 2023

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Trump thanks the Patriot Freedom Project.

Two years ago tomorrow I was winging my way toward Washington, DC for sightseeing and to attend President Trump’s rally on the National Mall.

Two years later there are still people in jail in the Capitol. They’re not in jail because they’ve been convicted of a crime. Many haven’t even gone to trial yet, let alone been convicted. Two years is not a speedy trial and there’s still no end in sight.

They’re legally innocent because they haven’t been found guilty, and for most of them, they really are innocent. The “crime” they’re suspected of is… walking into a public building with permission, gawking like tourists, and going home.

There but for the grace of God.

The only killings were committed by Capitol Police—Ashley Babbitt and, possibly, Rosanne Boyland. Because the news media is so biased in this matter, it is very difficult to separate fact from fiction.

As I wrote earlier, I initially believed the reports from the press, that an officer was murdered with a fire extinguisher. But the foundation changed over the several months that followed. First, the news reports changed to, well, he was injured but we can’t say how or with what.

Then, he was uninjured, but maybe pepper spray killed him.

Okay, pepper spray didn’t kill him either, perhaps it was stress.

The evidence, even if true, has dropped well below the threshold required for the initial conclusion, that the officer died because of the January 6 protests. But it was not true. The officer died of blood clots that would have killed him no matter where he was or what he took part in.

But the kicker is that the news media knew that the first formulation was wrong to start with. They know now. They passed that lie on, not like a crazed conspiracy theorist who believes what they say, but knowing it was a lie. They keep repeating the lie, knowing that it’s a lie.

Washington Monument flags: Flags around the Washington Monument, and a full moon.; American flag; George Washington

And the news media and establishment politicians continue to lie about everything around January 6, from the President to the protestors. They have an agenda, and facts won’t get it the way, no matter how many people it hurts. Their lies help keep good people in jail, without trial, without any knowledge of how to defend themselves, in a practically foreign land where every juror wants them punished.

I received only one response to my letters last year, from John Carter, Republican representative in the House:

Thank you for contacting me. It is good to hear from you and I’m pleased to respond.

As a retired judge, I know firsthand the challenge of proper punishments for wrongdoers. I believe it is critical to uphold the constitution, which provides the moral and ethical framework for the policies and actions of the government, and ensure that every American citizen is treated justly.

As you may know, our nation’s capitol was attacked on January 6, 2021. Recent reports have stated that at different points in the investigation, some of those arrested have been detained or placed in confinement. Although I have long deferred to the judicial branch to exact justice, please know that I will keep your thoughts in mind as I monitor developments in this investigation and as Congress exercises rigorous oversight over judicial branch policies and actions.

It’s all bullshit. It’s worthless. It takes no stand. It makes no point. All it does is obscure that people who should not be in jail have been in jail for two years. Some are dying, and no one in a position to help them is doing anything about it.

The best work appears to be done by the grassroots Patriot Freedom Project. Their Christmas event was both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Update: I may have more on this later, but probably not. It’s just so stupid. Not only did pepper spray from the protestors not kill him, but the spray that did reach him was from the Capitol Police themselves. And, of course, they knew it all along just like everything else they lied about.

In response to The January 6 witch-hunt: If there’s a witch-hunt starting, I’ve decided it’s best to identify as a witch.

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