RAC Challenge! Annual Rules

Date06 Jul 95 22:58:04 EDT
FromHenry R. Broaddus
SubjectRAC Challenge! Annual

The countdown has begun! Here are the offical guidelines for the RAC Challenge! Annual.


As always, the main purpose of this exercise is to have fun. Additionally, we want to wrap up all of the mysteries established in previous issues of the challenge. Jerry Franke’s web page documents these “challenges” very effectively. Familiarize yourself with them (and previous chapters).


Each author shall write an installment of the annual approximately five hundred words in length. Unlike chapters of RACC, installments in the annual are meant to solve existing mysteries, not create new ones. There is no need to leave the next author with a cliffhanger to resolve. This time we’re working together (although there are some writers on this list who might be out for some measure of revenge as well). }-)

Upon the completion of his segment of the annual, each author will paste his work to the existing body of the annual, setting off his section with ----- at the beginning and end. No subtitles or trailers should accompany segments of the annual. I hope it goes without saying, but don’t change a previous author’s words.

Upon completion, the author will e-mail the entire document to the next writer on the list.

Do Not Post The Annual. I will post it after I conclude it. Furthermore, I discourage discussing the annual via e-mail because that corrupts the spontaneity which makes things entertaining.


The title we will use is a variation of an idea suggested by Jerry Stratton. Fox Cutter (the first author to work on the annual) will inherit the title Mike Mendoza intended for the next chapter, Hot Tub Vigilantes. As it turned out, Mike ended up as the last author, so that title was never used. Fox Cutter may modify this title by adding up to two words to the title he starts with. For example, he could alter the title to read The Hot Tub Vigilantes Who… or Natural Born Hot Tub Vigilantes.

The author succeeding Fox may modify Fox’s title by a maximum of two words, and so on. By the time I get around to concluding this, we may end up with one very long title, but I think this is very appropriate.


I don’t think it would be fair for me to impose an across the board deadline. It will obviously take Jerry Franke (second to last author) longer to compose his section than it will take Fox Cutter. lease complete your section as soon as possible. There is a distinct potential for this to drag on for far too long. I would hope that most folks could compose five hundred words or less in a couple of days. Even at that rate, the annual won’t be completed for nearly a month. Just so I can make sure that no one really drops the ball, send me an e-mail note when you receive the annual-in-progress.

Order of Authors
  1. Fox Cutter
  2. Mike Mendoza
  3. Frank W. Patnaude, Jr.
  4. wReam
  5. Lone Warrior
  6. Drizzt
  7. Jerry Stratton
  8. Matthew W Rossi III
  9. Daniel Sikorski
  10. Bill Keir
  11. Marc Singer
  12. Aaron Levitz
  13. Jerry Franke
  14. Henry Broaddus
Have fun with this, damnit!

It’s been an exciting ride so far. Let’s end this with a bang! The ball’s in your court, Fox…