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When Deer Park was a park

Jerry Stratton, July 1, 2012

photo for When Deer Park was a park

Look closely at the trees in the background. There are a lot of picnic tables under them, unattended, with picnic supplies. Photo from Timber-Rider at CoasterBuzz.

My girlfriend and I went to the Del Mar fair yesterday. It was fun, but the only ride I really enjoyed was the Tilt-a-Whirl and Alien Abduction. I have never enjoyed the “high-thrill” rides at amusement parks. When I was younger we used to go to a place called Deer Park. I avoided the roller-coasters and pretty much spent all day on a ride called The Spider. The Spider was slightly higher-thrill than the Tilt-a-Whirl, which I considered a wimpy ride at the time.

Thinking of The Spider reminded me of how we used to picnic at Deer Park back in the seventies. If you know it by its current name of Michigan Adventure, you probably don’t know about the picnic tables under the trees. Deer Park used to look a lot like a forest. We would arrive in the morning, grab a picnic table, leave our stuff at the picnic table, and then go on rides until lunchtime. Then leave our stuff at the picnic table to go on rides until we left.

The Spider doesn’t appear to be a popular ride any more. The closest I could find is The Octopus. But I did find some seventies photos of Deer Park from CoasterBuzz poster Timber-Rider.

Besides The Spider there is a photo of one of the kiddie rides next to the picnic area. You can just barely see the unattended picnic tables loaded down with treats for Yogi Bear or his less couth human cousins.

Probably not something you could do nowadays even if it still had a picnic area.

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