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America, your restrooms are safe

Jerry Stratton, August 31, 2007

I don’t have much to say about the Larry Craig brouhaha; on the one hand his actions don’t seem worth hiring a police officer to specialize in. This sounds like nothing more than harassment of gays. But on the other hand Craig’s continued claims of innocence make it difficult to comment on that aspect. The audio makes things more interesting, though. It sounds like a standard encounter with a traffic cop. For that reason, I found this comment by Carol Herman at the Captain’s Quarters funny:

And, what I find amazing by those who’ve gotten traffic tickets, and such, is the condemnation of the cops who are really only doing their jobs.

Yeah, you think? People who have had interactions with police before trust the police less in what is arguably a similar situation: police trolling for money for actions that shouldn’t be illegal anyway and that aren’t worth fighting. People who have dealt with traffic cops know that police lie. They also know that it is usually easier to just pay the fine and go on with your life. Maybe this is the white version of the O.J. verdict.

Take a look at the comment from “Let's be fair and balanced here” in Craig to Jump:

[police reports are] frigging unreliable. Why would you trust a police officer whose job it is to solicit sex in bathrooms?

Assuming for the moment that Craig was looking for sex, he did not just happen to accidentally choose the police officer. The police officer was there to collect fines, and the way he did it was nearly certainly by responding to—or almost as likely, initiating—flirtatious behavior.

All you confused straight men out there, you don’t have to worry that you’re going to accidentally have sex with a homosexual in your favorite restroom.

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