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The Helter Skelter Media

Jerry Stratton, October 16, 2008

This is what happens when a biased media gets thrown off narrative. We saw it when Senator McCain chose Governor Palin as his running mate, and we’re seeing it now with Joe Wurzelbacher. We now know more about Joe the Plumber than we do about Senator Obama. We know more about his affiliations, his private life, even his voting record. All because he asked Senator Obama a question and the senator answered in a way that will cost him a couple of votes.

He asked a question, and now the Washington Post is investigating him. ABC News is investigating him. MSNBC is investigating him. The New York Times is investigating him. And while they’re doing more to vet Joe than they’ve done to vet Senator Obama, they’re still screwing up. He’s not registered to vote. He’s not a licensed plumber. His father’s brother’s son’s wife is related to rich people. Except, oh, yes, he is registered to vote, but the government screwed up his last name (that gives me confidence in government programs). The rest may or may not be true, but that isn’t the point. They’re trying frantically to attach a narrative to Joe the Plumber that serves their candidate rather than the kind of people Joe represents.

Too bad he doesn’t hire ACORN and doesn’t accept money from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. Then he’d have all the privacy he needs.

Final note. One of the strange things about this election is how it’s hitting minor players in a bit of fiction I wrote for a game. The fiction involves the Summit—Sammy Davis, Jr. and Frank Sinatra—as the behind-the-scenes leaders of a ragtag team of special agents against an interdimensional conspiracy of Burroughsian bugs called the Insect Mesh. It takes place in 1955 and 1969; and in 1969 one of the groups manipulated by the Insect Mesh are that lovable nailbombing offshoot of the SDS, the Weathermen. Bernadine Dohrn makes an appearance, and Bill Ayers’s bombs do as well. I was a little surprised to see their names hit the news just as I started getting ready to publish the game.

Now Sammy Davis, Jr. is hitting the news, too. I have no idea what goes on in the mind of Joe the Plumber, but comparing anyone to Sammy Davis, Jr. is not racist. Davis was a pioneering entertainer and a man of strong convictions. If Senator Obama had half the courage and principle of Davis, he wouldn’t be falling in the polls right now.

Update: two new links about Ohio official’s illegally searching Wurzelbacher’s records.

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