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Superman Returns is a great movie

Jerry Stratton, October 18, 2009

I just finished watching Superman Returns again. It is brilliant, more so every time I watch it. It has a depth far surpassing the two great originals from the seventies and even Singer’s own great X-Men movies. What I said at first blush about it being “not as good as I’d been hoping for, but it was very good” was probably just over the hype. Whatever the reason, I was wrong about the first part, and right about the second.

This is a beautiful movie that builds with every viewing, and it sets up what promised to be an epic tale of heroism and the responsibility of power, a clash between the farm and the city, of good intentions and freedom. It’s too bad it looks like Singer won’t get to finish it. This could have been a story for the ages. It almost is even unfinished.

In response to Superman vs. the X-Men: Superman Returns wasn’t as good as I’d been hoping for, but it was very good, and much better than X-Men 3.