Mimsy Were the Borogoves

Music: Are you ready for that? Driving your car down a desert highway listening to the seventies and eighties rise like zombies from the rippling sand? I hope so.

Paul Olsen on Robin Trower artwork

Jerry Stratton, August 28, 2007

I was in Michigan last week visiting family and high school friends. On the way back, I stopped at the Ferndale Record Time (I also tried to find Record Graveyard in Hamtramck, but it appears to be completely gone). One of the records I bought and managed to transport back safely was Robin Trower’s In City Dreams. This was one of my favorite cassettes in the seventies and eighties, and listening to it again a few years ago was the impetus for my finally throwing out all of my old cassettes. It had gone so muddy it was unlistenable.

While looking up information about the album on-line, I ran across Paul Olsen’s descriptions of how he created the album art for that album. It's a fun read if you’re interested in that era of rock.

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