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GU24 to Edison adapter

Jerry Stratton, December 8, 2014

Since the GU24 adapter on Amazon was less than two bucks, even with shipping from China, I decided I’d try that before rewiring the whole system. It just arrived last week (it took about eight weeks to get here), so I have a nice, inexpensive LED bulb in the GU24 adapter.

As a bonus, it no longer takes a second or two and then some flickering to light the hallway after flipping the switch.

I’d like to say here, I’m not averse to the Edison-bulb connector going away and being replaced with something better. I’ve had too many incandescents get stuck, requiring so much force to unscrew that the bulb itself starts to break. But the way to fix that is not to enforce a different connector on bulbs that most people don’t want to use. If GU24—or any future new connector—is advantageous, it should be allowed to be advantageous on all bulbs, not just the ones that government in its love of complex technologies thinks will never be superseded by something better.

If GU24 had been allowed for incandescents as well, it might well have taken off enough for LED bulbs using it to be less expensive—if GU24 provides actual benefits over the Edison-style. But because the government forbade using GU24 with the light bulb most commonly used in homes, it’s likely we’re stuck with the older style for the foreseeable future.

In response to GU24: Government-enforced energy-wasting lamps: Government is trying to force us not to buy incandescents—and in the process, is forcing us to buy power-wasting bulbs.