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Mimsy Review: Pecker

Reviewed by Jerry Stratton, May 24, 1999

Special features

Commentary Track8
Photo Gallery6

The most mainstream John Waters film I’ve seen.

RecommendationRent Soon!
DirectorJohn Waters
WriterJohn Waters
Movie Rating5
Transfer Quality7
Overall Rating7
  • Enhanced Widescreen

This is a very satisfying movie, and well worth seeing, although I don’t see it as being one worth seeing over and over again. Young boy takes pictures, has a “gallery opening” at the local fast food joint where he works, is discovered by a New York gallery owner, becomes famous, and convinces art critics to leave New York. Lots of John Waters’ trademark Weird People™ populate Pecker’s life.

One of the most interesting things on this DVD is not the movie, but John Waters’ commentary. After you watch the movie, you can then watch a commentary where Waters talks about the various scenes as they come up, and he’s a very interesting person.

Recommendation: Rent Soon!

DirectorJohn Waters
WriterJohn Waters
ActorsEdward Furlong, Christina Ricci
Spoken languageEnglish
Special FeaturesCommentary Track, Photo Gallery, Trailer
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