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The best of Kelly’s

Jerry Stratton, September 25, 2013

Every once in a while, I google “Kelly’s Steakhouse” to see why they closed. They had some really nice prime rib, and nice sides as well—especially the creamed spinach—and they could make a mean Singapore Sling. It was a surprise to me to bike down the hill and see the “The Best of Kelly’s is now at Trellises” sign when they closed down.

But there’s nothing on the web. Kelly’s appears to have disappeared without any wake behind them. For a long time their web site didn’t say anything about being closed; now it redirects to Trellises. Some people in the comments of various food sites seem to think it’s just a temporary close for remodeling, but there’s no indication on the front door. It’s just a closed door and an empty sign box.

I have not been to Trellises since they absorbed Kelly’s. Perhaps all is well. However, I find it hard to believe that they also took in the old-school bartenders and waitresses. The prime rib was good, but they were the true “best of Kelly’s”.

photo 1 for The best of Kelly’s: photo 1 for The best of Kelly’s

A sad sign against a sunny San Diego sky.

photo 2 for The best of Kelly’s: photo 2 for The best of Kelly’s

If they are remodeling, I fear for the geese.

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