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The threepenny discard

Jerry Stratton, September 24, 2013

If even three pennies are not worth picking up, maybe it’s time to think about not making them any more.

There’s something mystical about three discarded or inconsequential things. A long time ago, I wrote a song about finding three discarded roses on the sidewalk. Later, I used the song as a section quote in FlameWar: The Passion of the Electric Messiah. More consequentially, CJ Moloney recorded it, and true to its mystic roots, that recording no longer exists in our over-recorded world. All I could find was her Red Skies Tonight in an advertisement.

Who left those roses behind? Why? You might lose a penny. You probably won’t lose three at a time unless there’s a story behind it. And you might drop one rose in a hurry; it’s unlikely, but you might. You won’t leave three behind, simply because you have them for a reason.

Update: the song I’m talking about is “Hold On”, by Deep Blue Sea, on their Deep Blue Sea album. I called my version “I Saw Three Roses” (the “Hold On” lyrics were theirs).

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