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Round Rock Chalk Walk

Jerry Stratton, October 8, 2013

We walked up to downtown Round Rock on Saturday for the annual? Chalk Walk. There were food trucks with fried cheese sandwiches; fresh ice cream from Maggie Moo’s; local music; and, after the show, beer at The Brass Tap and college football.

The shutdown does not appear to have affected any of it.

photo 1 for Round Rock Chalk Walk

The Brass Tap has no food but a whole lot of beer. Very dangerous if we hadn’t walked over!

photo 2 for Round Rock Chalk Walk

No idea if it’s true, but awesome idea for a chalk drawing. We need more car fact art.

photo 3 for Round Rock Chalk Walk

Do not handle grounded bats. If they’re in the air and they get close enough it’s open season.

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