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Easy targets

Jerry Stratton, November 23, 2006

When Margaret Johnson said hello to the ex-con as she wheelchaired out of her apartment building, the guy probably thought she was an easy target. It was New York City. What could she do? So he grabbed her necklace and tried to rip it off of her.

Turns out Mrs. Johnson (a) used to be a government employee, (b) is an award-winning marksman, and (c) was on the way to the range for practice. This meant that, unlike most City residents, she not only owned a firearm, and she not only had one with her, but she apparently had a license to carry one loaded. She didn’t have to transport it to the range in a locked container.

Margaret survived the attack unharmed; her attacker is most likely in jail again after having left the hospital. With luck like his he should consider more mundane work.

Hat tip to America’s 1st Freedom.

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