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Bernie Sander’s Ponzi scheme

Jerry Stratton, December 28, 2015

I called it corruption, John Hinderaker calls it fraud, but it’s the same thing.

Only under socialism could Fidel Castro become the richest warlord, relative to his subjects’ wealth, in recorded history. (And that was the least of his sins.) Only under socialism could Maria Gabriela Chavez, daughter of socialist tribune of the people Hugo Chavez, beloved by the American left, waltz off with a $4 billion fortune. But then, she was a piker: Chavez’s Minister of the Treasury stashed $11 billion in Swiss bank accounts.

“Ponzi’s mistake was that he should have gone into politics.” And the people who perpetrate the Ponzi scheme that is socialism know what they are doing. They’re putting themselves in the position of being able to reap the benefits of their schemes. Look at some of the examples Hinderaker gives. These aren’t just run-of-the-mill socialists; they’re the heroes of the left.

That’s why Sanders didn’t criticize Hillary’s “damn emails”. The emails proved nothing but that Hillary Clinton is corrupt, and Bernie Sanders wants to share in that corruption. It’s why he’s a socialist politician. All politicians are in the position to be corrupt, but socialism makes corruption official policy.

In response to Why is the media saying Sanders lost the debate?: Bernie Sanders spoke an important and inconvenient truth about socialism when he came to Hillary Clinton’s defense at the debates.