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Greta Van Susteren calls out media on hypocritical misogyny

Jerry Stratton, October 9, 2010

Greta Van Susteren calls out the rest of the media on their hypocritically poor reporting on some female candidates:

What is wrong with the media… a bunch of hypocrites?

The media is so hypocritical not to notice that when they fail to report and instead sit around and snicker, they victimize (yes, even bully.) I don’t think they even realize it.

For the last few weeks I have seen so many in the media making fun of Christine O’Donnell for saying some goofy things years and years ago. (I can only imagine what some of the high and mighty media did and said in high school…) I watched the same with Governor (yes, that is Governor) Sarah Palin and before that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (remember all the unkind and nasty things the media said about her when she was the First Lady?) It is not a party thing… it is a media group think clique thing. It is a bit high school-ish.

What did we do in our 17 minute interview? We did not ask about witches (nor snicker about it)—we asked her about veterans, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, taxes, and the economy and other topics. In essence, we went to find out what she is about, what her views on topics that Senators must consider—should she be elected. Isn’t that the job of a journalist? or is it to snicker?

It’s ridiculous—and as Van Susteren says, it was obvious even before Palin gained national prominence. I noted it in April 2008 when the media was annoyed that Hillary Clinton was still running—when she still had a chance to win. “Obama makes history, Clinton plots.”

There’s not a whole lot that Clinton, Palin, and O’Donnell have in common beyond gender. It really is beginning to sound like a witch-hunt whenever a female politician threatens the media narrative.

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