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How many fingers, America?

Jerry Stratton, June 3, 2020

One day too late for the 2020 Mitt Romney Day awards, I saw this image in my Facebook feed. It is probably the most Orwellian thing I’ve seen so far this year, and perhaps ever.

The two images were captioned with dates across the top, “April 16th 2020 vs. May 26th 2020”. On the one side, the peaceful protests in Michigan several weeks ago—protests that went without violence, but that the left persisted in calling violent and riots.

On the other, the violent riots going on right now, that the left refuses to call riots, and calls peaceful protest.

They’ve even gone so far as to deny that St. John’s Church in DC was burning as the flames rose on their television screens. Even denying violence as the flames rose behind them while they were speaking.

April vs. May protests: We’re asked to believe that peace is violence, and violence is peace.; Orwellian; Wokescolds; Social Justice Warriors, Finger Nannies, Antifa

“How many fingers, America?”

We’re asked, as Winston was in 1984, to believe not our lying eyes, but the lies they tell us. We’re asked to believe that peaceful protest is violence and that violence is peaceful protest. With the images of peaceful protest vs. violence literally right in front of us.

I’ve never particularly liked the slogan, “1984 was not an instruction manual”, but it certainly looks like the press and the left is using it as an instruction manual. The caption to that collage ought to have been,

“How many fingers am I holding up, America?”

Yesterday we were at war with COVID-19/Eastasia. We were told that anyone who massed together would die—or, worse, that they were grandma killers. Today we aren’t even asked to forget it, or to change our mind; we’re just expected to believe that we were always at war with Eurasia and there never was any danger from Eastasia. The one commonality—whether it’s a shutdown or a riot, they don’t really care when other people’s lives are destroyed.

When you’re burning churches and denying the flames, you are the fascist…

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