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Mitt Romney Day 2021: The West Side Left

Jerry Stratton, June 2, 2021

Orwell: mostly peaceful riots: George Orwell, 1984: The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.; George Orwell; riots

“Mostly peaceful.”

The Mitt Romney’s Day Award recognizes those who go above and beyond the call of duty creating Calvinball rules to silence non-beltway voices. Since last year’s Mitt Romney Day there were several peaceful protests. Buildings were taken over, vehicles burned, and police officers killed. Peacefully.

There was a riot where none of these things happened. Violently.

To my shame, I actually bought into the riot narrative. I was there. I knew that the media were lying about what happened on the front lawn of the Capitol, where I was at, and I still assumed they were telling the truth about police officers killed inside the Capitol, where I was not. It was a classic case of Gell-Mann Amnesia.

The media and beltway politicians in Congress still claim, despite all evidence to the contrary, that I was personally involved in an armed rebellion—an armed rebellion without any arms and with damned little rebellion. Even after the Capitol Police and those same news outlets have quietly walked back the claim that January 6 protestors killed police officers. The media knew this was false almost immediately, according to family members of the officers. They didn’t care. They were using the lie to advance a bigger lie.

They lied about police officers killed during the January 6 protests, after months of covering up real deaths during real riots, even to the point of paying bail for rioters. Officer David Dorn comes to mind. He was killed by rioters in St. Louis. But no officer was killed in the January 6 protests. No one was killed except Ashley Babbitt—and this is the one case where we still don’t know which police officer did it.

Democrats encouraged destruction and death in suburbs and cities. Then they called for punishing unarmed protestors who went into a public building with approval by police on site. They lied about murders that did happen in other people’s neighborhoods, and made up murders that never happened in DC.

Trump marchers at Capitol: At the Capitol grounds, people are mostly talking about the cold (or heat, depending on whether they were from Florida or Iowa).; Congress; Washington, DC; Trump rally

“Mostly violent.”

The left directly caused riots throughout the United States. They called for violence, and then blamed a President who called for peace. They literally blame police officers for saving lives. Most recently, a teenager was about to knife another teenager, and a police officer saved the victim’s life.

The left’s response? They’re now trying to convince us that teenagers killing each other with knives is acceptable schoolyard play. Are they really this racist, or does their only knowledge of inner city schools come from watching West Side Story? Do they also think poor people break out into song during their playful knife fights?

The soft bigotry of low expectations has never been less soft.

You would think that in a year of Coronavirus rules for thee but not for me by governors and other public officials in places like Michigan and New York and California, of social media giants silencing the science one day and changing their mind the next, and with the traditional media doing a 180° turnaround about the existence of ballot fraud, there would be more competition for this year’s Mitt Romney Day Award. But for encouraging deadly riots in cities and suburbs throughout 2020 and then using the power of the state to attack protestors in DC; for bailing out violent rioters in the rest of the country and then denying bail to political prisoners in DC; for claiming that Black Lives Matter and then calling for riots when Black Lives are saved, the West Side Left have far outpaced their competition. The West Side Left wins the Mitt Romney Day award in 2021.

Congratulations. Your dance card is in the mail.

In response to June 2: Mitt Romney’s Day: “Onward my brave Morons! Let this be known forever as Mitt Romney’s Day!”

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