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Mitt Romney Day 2015

Jerry Stratton, June 2, 2015

The competition this year, from pundits in the press who see nothing wrong with Hillary Clinton running her own email server and then erasing the whole thing, but who still make references to Richard Nixon’s 18 minutes, made choosing the Mitt Romney Day winner difficult this year. But, well, that was months ago, and “at this point, what difference does it make?”

At least the newspeople didn’t actually work in the White House themselves and help Clinton erase the messages.

For that, for this year’s Mitt Romney’s Day award, for pundits who make up the rules for when it’s a class violation if we discuss the policies of politicians, the award has to go to George Stephanopoulos.

He interviewed Peter Schweizer, author of the wonderful, if scary, Throw Them All Out about his current book, Clinton Cash (which I have not yet read), about people who throw money at the Clintons in a transparent attempt to win favor.

Stephanopoulos gave Schweizer a hard time for it. After all, Schweizer used to work for President Bush as a speech writer.

That’s right, George Stephanopoulos, former Clinton Press Secretary1 and senior advisor, said that news from a former Bush speech writer was discountable for that reason.

But it doesn’t stop there. Stephanopoulos was attempting to discount Schweizer’s claim that people were donating to the Clintons in order to gain favor with the Clintons. Turns out, he could have said, “Hey, Peter, even I have given $75,000 to the Clintons. Do you think I was doing it to gain favor?”

But, of course, he didn’t ask that question. Because he knows that the answer, not just from Schweizer but from everyone else in the United States, would be yes, we do. The revelation would have reflected badly not on Schweizer, but on himself and his attempt to paint Schweizer’s revelations as irrelevant.

George Stephanopoulos, former head communications flack for Bill Clinton, discounted Peter Schweizer’s reporting on potential Clinton policy-for-money trades as irrelevant because Schweizer used to work as a speech writer. And not only that, but Stephanopoulos knew he was part of the class affected by Schweizer’s reporting and did not inform their listeners of this crucial fact.

At no point in his hypocritical, palace-guard interview was Stephanopoulos close to anything that could be considered objective reporting. Everyone in that ABC audience is now dumber for having listened to This Week with George Stephanopoulos. I award Stephanopoulos the Mitt Romney Day Cup, and may God have mercy on his soul.

In response to June 2: Mitt Romney’s Day: “Onward my brave Morons! Let this be known forever as Mitt Romney’s Day!”

  1. He didn’t officially have the title, but he performed the duties while he was the White House Communications Director.

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