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Mitt Romney Day 2013

Jerry Stratton, June 2, 2013

Two years ago, I nominated June 2 as Mitt Romney’s Day:

The day we make fun of pundits1 who make up the rules for when it’s a class violation if we discuss the policies of politicians.

In a year of race cards a-flyin’ from Eric Holder and the press that supposedly reports on him, this was going to be a tough contest. Then came a very late entry from Democrat Party Communications Director Brad Woodhouse:

POTUS asked AG to review how leak investigations are done but some in the media refuse to meet with him. Kind of forfeits your right gripe.

Woodhouse realized he needed a hail mary to win Mitt Romney Day and tweeted that on May 29, just 2 days before the deadline for this year’s contest. I’m guessing that the rush explains a lack of proofreading that’s egregious even for Twitter.

Here’s Ace’s summary of Eric Holder’s off-the-record press conference:

This administration takes freedom of the press very seriously.

No, you’re not allowed to quote me on that.

Follow the logic here:

  1. The Attorney General announces a press conference to discuss how they handle press freedoms.
  2. They then announce it’s going to be off the record.
  3. News organizations realize that a press conference on freedom of the press that they can’t report on is wasted effort, and choose not to go.
  4. Brad Woodhouse tweets that ignoring a press conference you can’t report on anyway forfeits your right to report.

Congratulations, Brad. You are this year’s Mitt Romney Day winner!

Your prize is in the mail. However, due to the administration’s sequester shell game, it may or may not arrive intact.

In response to June 2: Mitt Romney’s Day: “Onward my brave Morons! Let this be known forever as Mitt Romney’s Day!”

  1. A class that, for purposes of this contest, includes politicians, since most of what they say comes from the same nether source that punditry comes from. This may explain the ease with which politicians move into the press box.

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