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Black is White

Jerry Stratton, August 20, 2009

Remember the posters from Nineteen Eighty-Four? War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. You can add a new one from MS-NBC: Black is White.

The narrative: An epidemic of white men carrying ugly guns to Obama rallies.

The fact: Neither an epidemic nor all white, and not enough whites to even pretend your narrative is real.

So what do you do when the facts don’t fit your narrative and run against your narrative so much that you can’t even find any photos to take out of context? Photoshop the facts. If the only video you have is of a black man carrying an AR-15, then crop the video so that your viewers can’t see he’s black, and claim he’s white in your narrative.

The person who put the video of the guy up on Youtube asked:

This is gonna send Chris Matthews and the rest at MSNBC over the edge. They can’t claim racism this time. What will they do? They’ll say it’s a white guy with face paint?

He gave them too much credit. They’ll just cut his head off and say it was a white guy. There’s always a natural tendency to assume that people like Contessa Brewer at MS-NBC aren’t really lying, that there’s some hint of truth that lets them pretend that what they’re saying is real. That’s what makes outright lies like this one effective. It’s truly unbelievable that someone would lie that blatantly.

Every time the legacy media shows just how biased they are and how much they’re willing to lie to push their bias, I think, this is as low as they can go. But they continue to go lower. What’s next?

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