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How the left transformed vulgarity into courage and elected Donald Trump

Jerry Stratton, December 14, 2016

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Voters chose Trump because they thought Clinton cared more about bathrooms than jobs?

An acquaintance of mine wrote, just before the election:

It is interesting to me that the same people who professed terror1 that transgender bathroom use would subject their wives and daughters to molesting and sexual assault2, have no problem with Donald Trump’s professed actions.

This is a common enough line of thought within the media and the establishment in general, and I’m pretty sure it is partly because of statements like this that Trump is now president. If he had said stuff like the female equivalent of “grab ’em by the balls” absent such overreactions from the press and the establishment in general, voters would have heard a vulgar person who does not have the qualities necessary to be President. But by arguing stridently that vulgar words are the equivalent of “molesting and sexual assault” and that those words are the same thing as professed actions and, therefore, you should then shut the hell up or we will continue to try to destroy you, the media and the left have transformed what would have been perceived as vulgarity into something reasonably perceived as courage. It takes courage to say words that powerful media will try to destroy you with.3

Courage is a quality necessary in a President.

Grab ’em by the balls is a vulgar phrase. But it isn’t assault, it isn’t rape, it isn’t an action. It’s just a phrase complaining or bragging that someone is being led away from perceived self-interest4, and it’s a phrase that gets used all the time, both inside and outside the establishment. It is rarely used literally, and everyone knows this—you only have to look at the reaction to Trump saying it before he became the Republican nominee. There wasn’t any. Because people say this sort of thing all the time, the press’s attacking Trump for saying it not only turned vulgarity into courage, it also turned Trump’s perceived courage into a courage relevant to voters.

Most people will probably agree that they aren’t qualified to be President of the United States. They won’t agree, however, that they need to shut the hell up under threat of destructive harassment. Ultimately, they’d just like to be left alone. But over the past several years, the left has demanded more and more that everyone think like them—politically correct—or be destroyed. By doing the same thing to someone who could fight back, the press not only made vulgarity courageous, but they also made it courage in the defense of the common man. By definition, it is the common man whose vote wins elections.

But it was even worse than that. The media and the left tried to claim that saying words was the same as actually committing rape and assault, while at the same time trying to hide the risk of actual rape and assault due to not questioning obvious men following women into women’s bathrooms. They also tried to hide and then minimize actual crimes and assaults performed by criminal illegal immigrants5 who were offered sanctuary that provided no sanctuary to their victims.

As Lincoln said about Democrats in 1860, it isn’t enough that we tolerate slavery; nor even that we “cease to call slavery wrong”. They require that we also “join them in calling it right”.

If the media and the politically-correct establishment hadn’t tried to destroy him by exaggerating vulgar clichés, it would not have looked like courage to speak vulgarly.

If the media and the politically-correct establishment hadn’t tried to equate those clichés with actual assault, and that speaking them deserved punishment, Trump’s perceived courage would not have seemed personally relevant to voters.

And if the media hadn’t at the same time minimized actual rape and assault due to leftist policies, Trump’s perceived courage would not have seemed societally relevant to voters.

But they did, and they did, and it was, and it looked like Trump was the courageous champion of the people. The leftist media managed to transform locker-room talk into courage and speaking Truth to Power. They made Trump look almost Lincolnesque.

“Fascism always seems to be descending on the Right, but landing on the Left.”

In response to Election 2016: Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.

  1. Of course, they didn’t profess terror, they professed outrage. That’s a key distinction in an election year.

  2. From non-transgenders taking advantage of the law to harass and assault women, but the left always glosses over that.

  3. I’m not saying it’s smart, but it is courageous.

  4. The phrase is almost the opposite of violence. When one person is said to have another person by the genitals, the complaint/brag is that the person being led wants to be led; no violence is necessary; their hearts and their minds naturally follow. That’s the vulgarity: that it reduces free will to primal urge.

  5. It doesn’t help that we have to make up a phrase for criminals whose crimes include breaking a law that the establishment doesn’t want to consider a crime.

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