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Gun control leads to police state?

Jerry Stratton, June 13, 2005

The British government is apparently so desperate to stop rising crime rates that it is trying to pass a law allowing police to simply designate potential trouble-makers as “not allowed to be here”, and they aren’t allowed in the shopping center, Pall Mall, or wherever the officer thought they were going to cause trouble. If they violate the unilateral police order, they go to jail.

This is before they cause any trouble. In a world without self-defense, pro-active is the name of the game.

This makes me all the more disappointed that the latest V for Vendetta script appears to place the police state in power due to an invasion rather than as the people’s choice that it was in the original book.

But these police state zones are nowhere near as bad as some of the other ideas they have seriously considered. For example, a leaked crime reduction review is recommending targeting three-year olds for special measures because their families are known for violence.

Because, according to their statistics, 85% of prisoners have histories of bullying. Of course, regular readers will recognize this as the playground emergency syndrome: it doesn’t measure whether or not non-prisoners have histories of bullying. And of course it is perfect for a police state because “bullying” is so easily defined as necessary.

This sounds a whole lot like institutionalized racism to me: something we in the United States would call “profiling”; but as far as I know we don’t profile three-year olds yet.

This is what we can expect if people are discouraged from effective self-defense. If people can’t protect themselves, they will demand that the police protect them. The police can only do so with proactive measures such as these: the police can only protect in a police state.

This new set of crime recommendations should be retitled, “Why liberals need to support effective self-defense.” Without effective self-defense, a police state is inevitable. We will allow our governments to throw out all other civil rights in order to protect us from people who have not yet committed any crime. And from three-year-olds.

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