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Tanning bed media returns

Jerry Stratton, November 17, 2009

Looks like the tanning bed media are back, so I’ve temporarily moved Conservatives 4 Palin to the main blogroll. They’re a sane place to go if you want to read about what’s actually happening when another media outlet misreports half-quotes from the book or outright lies about what’s happened in Alaska or what’s been said. They’re unabashedly pro-Palin, but they’ve also been pretty meticulous with the facts. And they seem to be genuinely nice people.

The better blogs seem to be more reliable these days the mainstream media. Too often, news reports are completely unsourced rumor—rumor easily checked, but too good to check so they don’t. The media fact-checks Saturday Night Live skits when they need to be checking the sources (and the biases) on their own stories.

Incidentally, if you only follow one of the links I’ve provided, follow Poor media: You’re in love with Sarah Palin, and she’s just not that into you.

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