Mimsy Were the Borogoves

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The withholding of the beast

Jerry Stratton, November 27, 2009

I just entered my first paycheck after California increased its withholding. The first thing I noticed is that someone’s skimming some money off of my salary—a lot of it. The estimate I’ve seen is that someone making what I make should have received about $18-$20 less per month. My state tax withholding increased over $30. That was only supposed to happen for people making well over a hundred thousand a year. I can guarantee you—that ain’t me.

I’ll be adding an exemption when I get back from the holidays.

The second thing I noticed, because of the way I manage my budget, is that my take-home pay is now .666 of my salary. That’s right. I’m taking home the Number of the Beast. Not that this is an unfamiliar experience given the bars I frequent, but… have we entered the end times? Does Paul Bettany know something I don’t?

I suppose he knows how to get me to watch bad movies. Milk a British accent and shoot ice cream truck clowns.

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