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Tax event horizon

Jerry Stratton, September 22, 2010

I was going over some 2010 candidate web sites today deciding who is going to get last-minute long-shot donations (some of which aren’t looking like long shots any more), and I saw this on Sean Bielat’s web site:

Taxation must be fair, efficient, effective and limited. Increasingly, our government is moving away from these priorities. The current tax code is rife with exceptions, loopholes and complications. It places undue burdens on both individuals and corporations, and it has created an industry of tax attorneys and tax accountants. Ordinary citizens should not have to hire experts to complete mandatory tax forms!

Where have I heard that before?

Simple, obvious, and unobstructive: minimize the value-minus of taxes

The GAO estimates that overall, it costs 20% of taxes to pay for taxes. That’s crazy inefficient. Think of what we could do with an extra 20% either in taxes or in the economy!

Simplifying taxes saves time and money throughout the tax chain. Both individuals and businesses expend too much time and money complying with our complex tax system—time and money they could use to create more products, buy more products, or hire more people. Removing tax complexity doesn’t just make individual lives easier, it makes our economy stronger by freeing our businesses to focus on their actual business. They can hire more people within their industry instead of having to hire more (expensive) tax compliance specialists.

We are rapidly reaching a tax-event horizon, where so many people rely on taxes being complicated that it will be impossible to do anything other than watch them get more and more complicated.

Sean Bielat is running to replace Barney Frank in the House. On the list of politicians responsible for our current economic mess, Frank has to be in the top two.

These races are besides the more obvious ones like Allan West in Florida, Sharron Angle in Nevada, and our own Carly Fiorina here in California.

Sean BielatMA 4
John DennisCA 8
Mattie FeinCA 36
Star ParkerCA 37

John Dennis’s campaign against Nancy Pelosi in California’s 8th district is a bit of a long shot. But it’s a shot worth taking, if only because of Pelosi’s philosophy that you pass bills first, then find out what’s in them.

By the way, I prefer the Ace of Spade’s slogan for Sean Bielat: When he’s not killing terrorists, he’s building robots. Which also kill terrorists.

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