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Why I don’t write about people not writing about Sarah Palin

Jerry Stratton, December 25, 2009

David Weigel not writing about Palin: David Weigel writes about not writing about Palin’s Facebook posts.; journalism; Sarah Palin

So, um, what’s the article about again?

Palin Derangement Syndrome will soon be the leading killer of journalists worldwide. Already, PDS kills more journalists annually than Clinton Abandonment Complex, Matthews Wandering Femoris, and DC/Beltway Perceptual Impairment combined.

Symptoms include continually reloading Facebook, refusing to acknowledge reading Facebook, and completely illogical headlines that contradict themselves. Doctors expect more and more journalists to succumb to the disease as we move closer to November 2010.

Please, do what you can to fight this dangerous and embarrassing disease. Donate to the March of Palin Foundation now. And if you know any journalists suffering from PDS, please ask them to seek medical assistance immediately.

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